E Ink is dedicated to materials film research and development, and we manufacture and provide flexible substrate material, PI (Polyimide) and functional material films. Premium quality material and functional films enable smooth production process of ePaper display modules and modules of other technologies.

E Ink does material coating process development, manufacturing process development, and mass production quality control. We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Material for Flexible Substrate

Polyimide (PI) Varnish

PI (Polyimide) varnish can be used as flexible substrates, enabling flexible display mass production. PI varnish is offered to display manufacturers.

  • High thermal resistance and stability
  • Low thermogravimetric under high temperature
  • Low retardation
  • High optical performance
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
PoIyimide (PI) Roll

PI is offered in coated rolls, for use in the manufacturing process of flexible displays.

  • Low retardation
  • High optical performance
  • High stability
E Ink Model and Applications

ETPI-100: Cover film

ETPI-200: High optical and low retardation

ETPI-300: Transparent, high thermal resistance, and high transmissivity applications

ETPI-400: High optical performance, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)

EYPI-500: Brown, high thermal resistance substrate

ETPI-600: Transparent and high thermal resistance LTPS

Functional Film

Anti-Glare Film

AG film is applied on ePaper displays to help achieve an anti-glare viewing experience.

  • Surface hardness
  • UV-Cut
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Customized surface/optical properties
  • Conductivity and ESD control
  • Pre-applied OCA (Optically Clear Adhesives)
Optically Clear Adhesives

Optically clear adhesives are used for touch display lamination.

Moisture Barrier Film

Moisture barrier film helps prevent moisture from entering ePaper display modules.

Conductive Release Film

Conductive Release Film is used during ePaper display conductivity tests.

  • Uniformity control
  • Conductivity control
  • Appearance control

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