E Ink Prism™

E Ink’s unique and dynamic materials for architecture and design incorporating its new color changing electronic ink technology

E Ink Prism™ will transform the way spaces and surroundings are experienced. Manufacturers and designers will now have the ability to integrate innovative films with architectural products to dynamically change colors, patterns, and habitats.


For centuries, architects and designers have used materials, colors, shapes, and light to stimulate people’s senses and create spatial experiences that best serve the intended purpose of a location. While beautiful and timeless, architectural elements are generally static in nature requiring new materials and significant labor to change the design.

More recently, lighting (traditional and LED) and digital displays have enabled the ability to change colors and designs automatically. Generally used as the focal point of a design, digital technology explicitly targets requirements for interactivity where the need for a visual experience outweighs price and power consumption.



E Ink Prism bridges the gap between traditional static materials and digital technology with dynamically changing materials. Fully programmable, architects and designers can now integrate endless materials with changeable colors and patterns.

Active matrix Prism display module can be created by combining Prism film and TFT backplanes. Active matrix Prism display module allows the flexibility of text and images in designs. Offering more possibilities in a variety of applications.

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A changeable wall behind the front desk or interactive wayfinding to help guests find their room are a few ways E Ink Prism can enhance a guest experience. Customizable patterns or logos in a lobby lounge can create one of a kind differentiation.


Colorful, interactive walls in a pediatric waiting can create a soothing environment and engage the patient. Marker boards can be switched to become surgery schedules or patient boards.


Color changing libraries, auditoriums, and public lobbies generate interest and differentiation. Interactive wayfinding make it easier navigating large campuses. Marker boards with switchable templates create greater efficiency and focus.


Animated corporate logos or switching walls enhance a corporate lobby. Color changing conference room doors can indicate room availability. Dynamically changing colors in cafeterias, common areas, and collaboration spaces foster positive and creative working environments.


Airport terminals, train stations, and subway platforms all use color for both design and utility. E Ink Prism enables a level of flexibility that architects and designers have never seen before until now. Fully programmable, colors and patterns can be dynamically switched without the need for an electrical outlet.


What better way to capture and hold a visitor’s attention than by changing colors and patterns? E Ink Prism can be programmed to transform once static exhibits and displays into dynamically changing experiences.

E Ink Prism™ Kits

We offers several E Ink Prism demonstration and prototyping kits to assist designers or engineers in the development of new projects.

Here are E Ink Prism™ evaluation kits: Red(Blush), Cyan(Daydream), Dark Blue(Voyage), Black(Waltz), Yellow(Zest).

Customer Showcase


DAZZLE, a monumental public artwork featuring the largest deployment of E Ink Prism™ technology. Located at the San Diego International Airport’s new Rental Car Center, DAZZLE is designed to enhance visitors’ experience through the installment of 2,100 individual tiles that display custom, dynamic animations across the exterior of the building.


e°FLOW is an interactive sculpture celebrating the unique capabilities of E Ink Prism™, a color-changing film developed by E Ink. The sculpture comes alive with visual behavior triggered by real-time sensor input; it detects the presence and movements of people and reacts like an elusive deep-sea creature.

3form Viva

3form Viva is a new forward-thinking product collaboration that combines E Ink Prism™ and 3form’s easy to specify three-dimensional modular wall systems. E Ink’s color changing ink technology is integrated into 3form’s Wovin Wall and Profile systems to create a new visual experience and unparalleled design solution.

DNP - Sales Promotion Products

For market promotion, POP which utilise the E Ink Prism color changing film. These screens should be used as retail and promotion displays. Something to consider for the product launch at the point of sale: These displays are most effective for the retail sector when they are active as opposed to the standard static. E Ink products provide customer value thanks to their many features, which include low-energy usage, ease of visibility, readability, flexibility, and sturdiness.

Magnetrix Curtain

E Ink Prism™ and glass are integrated to form an art installation, Magnetrix Curtain, which is located in the C-Hub building of Taiwan National Cheng Kung University.

Magnetrix Curtain adopts Voyage E Ink Prism (dark blue) to meet with C-Hub building style. Dynamically switching of colors presents an unique analog visual experience.

New Morph Tile

New Morph Tile integrates hexagon shaped E Ink Prism™ with acrylic (PMMA) from POWER-IN GLOBAL. The changeable pattern is designed by MisoSoupDesign.

E Ink Prism™ offers New Morph Tile the ability to alternate between two colors in pre-programmed patterns.

New Morph Tile gives designers an opportunity to make indoor spaces dynamic and full of surprises. It is the best tile for interior designers to explore their creativity.

I Love Closet

A collaboration between E Ink and Italian designer, Marco Guariglia, known as “The Magician of Space”. Integrating furniture design with E Ink PrismTM to feature an interactive ePaper closet for children, “I Love Closet”. Using E Ink Prism, dynamic material with color changing electronic ink technology to play animations.


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