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E Ink provides the lowest power and highest readability displays on mobile device such as dual screen phone and phone case.

Recommended Display Module


Size(inch): 4.30

Resolution(HxV): 800x1480

Active Area(mm): 56.16 x 93.60

ppi: 216

E Ink Film: Pearl

Backplane: Glass


Size(inch): 5.20

Resolution(HxV): 1280x720

Active Area(mm): 64.44 x 114.56

ppi: 284

E Ink Film: Carta

Backplane: Glass

Customer Showcase

Hisense A5 Pro (CC)

Hisense A5 Pro (CC) uses 5.84” E Ink Kaleido™ ePaper display capable of producing 4096 colors. ePaper’s reflective and soft color performance is suitable for mobile and fragmented reading experience. In comparison to emissive display technologies e.g. LCD, OLED, ePaper is much more easy-on-the-eyes.

Hisense A5 Pro is equipped with built-in immersive reading mode, message notifications may be disabled, or reducing the notification volume.

Hisense A5 Pro

Hisense A5 Pro uses 5.84” monochrome ePaper display, it realizes the paper-like reading experience on a smartphone.

Hisense A5 Pro cooperates with JD read, iReader and 6 other platforms to provide excellent reading content. Users may adjust different refreshing modes on ePaper display according to one’s preference.

Hisense A6L

Hisense A6L is a dual screen phone with an AMOLED display on the main screen and a 5.84” monochrome ePaper display on the backside with 256 level auto adjustable front light. ePaper provide a paper-like reading experience and perfectly readable under sunlight.

Hisense A6L cooperates with 5 eBook platforms to provide its users rich eBook content selections.

OAXIS InkCase i7 Plus Phone Case

5.2" display is the perfect size to fit into the phone case for for iPhone 6/6S Plus and 7/8 Plus. The always-on display shows important message on the back side of smartphone.


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