Indoor Large Area Signage


Electronic Paper Display (EPD) signs and menu boards deliver a unique aesthetic that cannot be matched by other digital display technologies. Text and picture contents are managed and updated electronically without the need for manual replacement. Low installation and maintenance costs.

  • Print-like appearance
  • Non-glare background
  • High contrast
  • Centralized, remote content management
Centralized, remote content management

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) whiteboards and eWriters replicate the familiar feel of paper and pen. Thanks to real-time content sharing across remote locations, wireless connectivity, and portability, EPD whiteboards improve collaboration efficiency within organizations. Set up and operation are simplified. E Ink’s bi-stable displays provide an “always on” appearance.

  • Print-like appearance
  • Simplified setting and operation
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Remote information sharing

Recommended Display Module


Size(inch): 31.20

Resolution(HxV): 2560 x 1440

Active Area(mm): 691.20 x 388.80

ppi: 94

E Ink Film: Pearl

Backplane: Glass


Size(inch): 31.20

Resolution(HxV): 1280 x 720

Active Area(mm): 691.20 x 388.80

ppi: 47

E Ink Film: Triton

Backplane: Glass


Size(inch): 42.00

Resolution(HxV): 2160 × 2880

Active Area(mm): 642.6 x 856.8

ppi: 85

E Ink Film: Carta

Backplane: Glass


Size(inch): 13.30

Resolution(HxV): 1600 x 1200

Active Area(mm): 270.4X202.8

ppi: 150

E Ink Film: E Ink Gallery

Backplane: Glass

Customer Showcase

Digital Paper Lecture Schedules by Artec Design

The Digital paper lecture schedules display daily lecture schedules at the largest university in Estonia, the University of Tartu, their recently opened Delta Center.

The 13.3-inch digital paper displays enable the University to update signage daily as lecture schedules are changed, offering students the most up-to-date information without the waste and time of swapping paper signage.

Estonia National Museum

Via E Ink displays unique features offering custom language settings, providing a personalized experience for museum-goers. Full reflective characteristics creating no light pollution environment; re-writable function reduced paper usecase. All the design are realizing environmental protection concept and cultural development of sustainability.

Quilla 42" Connected eWriter

The world’s first Connected eWriter, a portable collaboration tool that writes just like paper and brings a revolutionary product to the world of collaboration. E Ink’s 42” display has been customized with QuirkLogic to serve the Connected eWriter application.

Taiwan National Theater Information Board

"Theater Cafe" is the public space in National Theater, there are 12 pcs 32" color ePaper display, 12 pcs 32" black & white ePaper display, and 2 pcs 42" black & white ePaper display. To be cafe shop's menu boards, or information boards of a bookstore, ePaper the paper-like visual experience give the environment and people lots of surprise.

E Ink at National Palace Museum, Taipei

“The Making of a National Treasure: Select Masterpieces of Painting and Calligraphy in the Museum Collection”. National Palace Museum, Oct. 04 ~ Dec. 25, 2017.

72 masterpieces of paintings and Calligraphy images are displayed on one single large ePaper wall. The ePaper wall consists of 12 pieces of 32inch color ePaper display sets tiled together.

Paintings and Calligraphy images can be looked closely and appreciated for the fine details of the masterpieces with ePaper’s properties, no self-emitting light and blue rays. Minimal heat emission due to the absence of backlight module and no additional cooling systems need to be implemented for masterpiece storage.

E Ink ePaper is also a sustainable technology due to its overall low power consumption property and has become the No. 1 choice of dynamic art showcase at any art exhibits.


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