Corporate Social Responsibility

Environment Prioritization, Safety Supremacy, Total Participation, Sustainable Operations

In 1992, YFY founded E Ink in Hsinchu Science Park to specialize in the research, development, manufacture, and sale of TFT-LCD, EPD, and miscellaneous display and peripheral technologies. Besides caring about employee safety and health and environmental and energy topics, E Ink management firmly believes that environment, safety, health, and energy (ESHE) are the foundation of business operations. Furthermore, E Ink management agrees that by assessing ESHE with appropriate tools, drawing up management plans, and enforcing them during routine operations and control to achieve safe operation, clean production, environmental protection, and energy conservation are key to sustainable operations. For these reasons, we are committed to making continual improvement to:

Since 2002, all E Ink plants passed ISO 14001 certification. Further in 2005, the Hsinchu Plant and Yangzhou Plant obtained the Verification Statement of Greenhouse Gas Assertions through ISO 14064-1 GHG inventory and passing external verification. Although the Linkou Plant is not an EPA-required GHG inventory plant, it implemented voluntary GHG inventory and external verification to review the effectiveness of inhouse energy conservation and emissions reduction and provide a reference for making future progress.

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